1 Offset Stripe Premium

1 Offset Stripe Premium rope mats. Different colored mats with a different colored offset stripe to compliment the surrounding decor!

Rockport Premium rope mats are the result of years of testing and improving the rope we make the mats out of.  This is the best rope we have ever manufactured!!! The new rope is more durable, longer lasting, more elegant, more consistent, and fuller providing even more comfort for your feet. 10-year replacement guarantee.  These mats are machine washable.  Rockport premium mats are durable and provide classic elegance with low maintenance.  These mats are a flat braided rug.  The special weave allows dirt to fall right through rather than sitting on top, making it easy to shake out or machine wash.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Soft textured synthetic fibers wipe your feet super clean. Complete the look at your home today!!!