Rockport Rope door mats are functional,durable and provide classic elegance with low-maintenance.They are machine washable (hang to dry) There is no better value for such a Unique hand made woven commodity. Free shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Originally designed to be doormats there are many other practical uses for which they work great

  • Rockport Rope Mats
  • Texas Rope Mats
  • Rockport Ultra Plush Rope Mats
  • Rockport Ultra Plush Pet Mats

Suggested Uses

  • Porch Mats - RV Mats
  • Entry Mats - Throw Rugs
  • Pet Beds - Boat Mats
  • Deck Mats - Front Door Mats
  • Doormats - Comfort mats
  • Nautical Mats - Fatigue Mats
  • Kitchen Mats - Pet Crates
  • Bathroom Mats - Braided Rugs
Braid and weaving produced by thoughtful, creative, artisans certified in the art of mat weaving in Houston TX​
Rockport Rope Mats ​are made with a flat braided polyolefin rope and a round braided polyolefin rope insert
Rockport Lobster Pot Rope Doormats​ are made with hard twisted poly lobster pot rope (wash with a hose)
Rockport Rope Ultra Plush Rope Mats ​are made with a thicker flat braided polyolefin rope and a round braided polyolefin rope insert
Rockport Rope Ultra Plush Pet Mats ​are made with a thicker flat braided polyolefin rope and a round braided polyolefin rope insert
Insert is the piece of rope that goes north to south inside the weave holding the mat together and giving it firmness and stability you can have a different colored insert in any mat.
Example below is Navy With White Insert
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Soft Textured Synthetic Fibers wipes your feet super clean


Rockport Rope Doormats were designed with you in mind. Made from soft flat braided rope, the synthetic fibers wipes your feet super clean. They are easy on your feet and are machine washable (hang to dry). These mats will give you Happy Feet. After the introduction of these mats we found they work well for many other applications. They are Classic Elegance no matter what you use them for or where you place them.


Your family pet will even want there own mat! You can use our regular mats or you can order a Rockport Ultra Plush Pet Mat. Rockport Ultra Plush Pet mats can be used Indoors or Outdoors. They are machine washable hang to dry quickly. Rockport Rope Ultra Plush Pet mats are made thicker with 25% more material for more comfort and added durability. These soft rope mats work perfectly as a pet bed and can be placed just about anywhere for added comfort and a place for your pet to call home! We understand that your pet is a part of the family, and our mats are perfect for creating comfortable places for your animals to rest. We have many sizes, we also offer custom sizes, allowing you to order one that fits your pet or their pet house perfectly! These are also machine washable so it is simple to keep your home clean and smelling wonderful, even with your furry friends around!


Severe weather mats. These mats are made from lobster pot rope. This rope is UV stabilized twisted hard poly rope made to live in the ocean attached to a lobster trap. It can deal with anything mother nature has to offer. Rain, mud, sleet, snow and ice. The mats repel water so you never have to dry them. They are UV stabilized for sunlight resistance. They are mold, mildew and insect resistant. To clean you just shake and wash with a hose. Like all our mats the dirt falls right through the mat.


Rockport Rope Ultra Plush Rope Mats are elegant but durable and provide classic elegance with low-maintenance. These mats are manufactured with 25% more material than our standard mats which gives the mat more cushion. The Rockport Rope Premium Mats are thicker and even more comfortable than our standard mats. Order one today and Give yourself Extreme Happy feet

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Rockport Rope Door Mats is proud to provide you with the highest-quality rope mats that come in a variety of colors, weave configurations, and sizes, while still offering manufacturer direct pricing! They are unique.