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Rockport Ultra Plush Pet Mats Gray




Rockport Rope Ultra Plush Pet Mats are elegant but durable and provide classic elegance with low-maintenance. These gray mats are manufactured with 25% more material than our standard mats which gives the mat more cushion.  The Rockport Rope Premium Mats are thicker and even more comfortable than our standard mats.  Feel the difference and give your pet a place they can call home.  Fit for a king.  These ultra plush pet mats make great pet beds or kennel mats. They can be ordered in any size to fit your pet’s home and their needs.   


Rockport Ultra Plush Pet Mats Gray

Rockport ultra plush pet mats gray are ideal for pet beds and pet crates. We can even custom size the mat just for you.  The family pet will even want there own mat. Order one of our regular mats which are extremely comfortable or you can order a  Rockport Rope ultra plush pet pet.  These mats offer the ultimate in comfort for the Pet that has everything.   Ultra plush Pet mats are made thicker with 25% more material for a pet that wants the extreme comfort experience.  Your pet is a part of the family, and our mats are perfect for creating comfortable places for your animals to rest. We have many sizes, and also offer custom sizes, allowing you to order one that fits your pet or their pet house perfectly!  They are machine washable keeping your home clean and smelling wonderful. Even with your furry friends around!

American Made Rockport Ultra Plush Pet Mats Gray

Each mat is handwoven from a long-lasting polyolefin soft braided rope that’s practically indestructible and is UV-stabilized for sunlight resistance. Braid and weaving produced by thoughtful, creative, artisans certified in the art of mat weaving in Houston TX. The special weave allows the dirt to fall right through rather than sitting on top, making it easy to shake out and rinse off or machine wash delicate cycle in warm water.  Place in the dryer for 10 minutes or hang until dry.  Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Soft textured synthetic fibers keeps your furry friend very comfortable.

Hand woven by thoughtful and creative artisans certified in the art of mat weaving in Houston TX

Anywhere you choose to place them they will complete the look and add elegance to any decor.  Nautical, contemporary, traditional or whatever the theme you are going for. With the right hand-woven rope mat you can make that statement you are looking for!  Rockport Rope doormats are so versatile that you can place them anywhere you want to add décor, keep the dirt out or have incredible comfort while standing on the mat for long periods of time.  Rockport rope mats work well for many applications so get creative and find the use that fits your needs. Order your Texas Rope door mat today!

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Dimensions 30 × 20 in