It has been brought to my attention that whichever party buys more doormats between now and November 8 will win the election. This is due to the Karma that is in every Elegant hand woven Rockport Rope Doormat we make. They bring good Karma to anyone that has one. I doubt the politicians have any use for a doormat because hopefully a lot of the ones that are career politicians will be moving back home after the election. It is time for some new blood and some new faces on Capital Hill. If the price of health care goes up anymore it will be cheaper to hire a witch doctor. If goverment interference in everything isn’t reduced pretty soon this will be a goverment run country and we will not have the freedoms which this country was built around. Like everything there is a lot to be said for years of doing the job and there is a lot to be said for getting too comfortable in the Good Ole Boys club. It needs to be what is good for the people not what is good for the politicians. If they knew they weren’t going to be able to make a career and a very lucrative one out of being a politician maybe they would do what they promise and what is good for the people not themselves. I am not really sure. I am sure that I am not happy with the way it is going so I am looking forward to change. The only way I know to change is to replace the people that have been doing it forever with some fresh new faces and ideas and maybe it will get better. I don’ t care if you are republican or democrat just vote for someone new who is going to change things for the betterment of the country. God Bless America