Texas offers just about anything you want to do. It is a huge state. There is the coast where there are beaches, restaurants, clubs, resorts and lots of fishing. You can relax on the beach or go out on the town. There is lots of casual dining with all the native and many other types of food. There are also very high end restaurants serving up whatever it is you like to eat. You can go bay fishing, deep sea fishing for the day or overnight. You have hill country where there are many small towns with lots of Texas heritage and history. You can stay at a B&B or at a hotel probably owned by a local person from there. They have lots of lakes, swimming, tubing, water skiing, fishing and dining too. There are festivals (where I sometimes sell my rope mats) and outlets malls for whatever your taste. It is very nice country with something for everyone. The people are where the word southern hospitality comes from. So to come here for a vacation there is no shortage of whatever it is you like to do. It can be very affordable or you can get all the 5 star attention you need.