My Dad deserves all the credit. He gave me the idea. He gave me the machine to start the business. He supported what I was doing with my life. He helped me every day with knowledge and moral support. He lived in Maine and didn’t come to Texas we did it all over the phone and the internet. Without his help I would not have been successful. My back ground is not mechanical. The oldest machine I have is 50 years old and it used to break a lot. No matter what broke he would tell me how to fix it. Where to get parts that he couldn’t make himself and how to keep going. When I was discouraged he would always tell me to keep on plugging and you will get there. November 2019 he passed suddenly at the age of 87. I miss him every day. Fortunately I have learned enough to get by and the business has grown enough so that I was able to purchase some newer machines which don’t require as much maintenance. May he rest in peace knowing that he taught me everything I needed to know in my life to survive and prosper.