Although a bottle of wine or a potted plant make fine choices, when you’re visiting your friends’ new home for the first time, it’s nicer to gift them with something you’ve put thought into. By using what you know about your pals and their interests, you’re sure to pick out the perfect present to help them settle in. Here are some unique ideas to get you started.


For the Project Lovers

If your friends purchased a fixer-upper because they love taking on improvement projects, then why not give a gift that nurtures their DIY instincts? While it may be overstepping to pick out flooring or paint colors, thoughtful offerings to help them put the finishing touches on their makeover projects are always welcomed.


Pieces like American-made rope doormats from Rockport Rope or glass windchimes are clever ideas to cap off a porch renovation, while personalized coasters or a wine rack are perfect for folks who plan to build a bar into their new home. Other ideas include specialized tech and tools they’ll soon wonder how they did without, like an electronic stud finder or a floor jack that provides an extra set of hands when lifting and mounting cabinetry. Just browse the aisles of your local hardware store for inspiring options.

For the Work-From-Homers

With studies showing more people working remotely, it’s possible your friends’ new house may also be their workplace. Given the amount of time they’re likely to spend in it, consider a gift that makes their home office more functional and enjoyable.


To ensure their working hours are as comfortable as possible, arrange for the delivery of one or two pieces of ergonomic office furniture. From chairs that provide lumbar support to adjustable-height standing desks that allow them to keep their keyboards, monitors, and work tools at the right level, posture-positive furniture that reduces neck and back strain is sure to be appreciated. If you’re not sure how much space they’re working with, smaller items to improve their workdays like smart coffee mugs that keep beverages hot or cool or blue light-blocking glasses for glare-free screen viewing are both practical and outside-the-box ideas.

For the Furry Family Members

Don’t overlook pets when it comes to picking out the perfect housewarming present. Including pets in your generosity is a sweet way to show your friends how even the furriest members of their family matter to you.


If your friends’ new place is in a park-filled setting just begging for four-legged exploration, then buy them a retractable leash or portable dog water bottle, or spring for a collar camera so they can capture their daily walks from a puppy perspective. Thoughtful at-home items like padded crates, fluffy pet beds, and creative cat trees also make special gifts for pet lovers. To find the best products, check customer ratings and put your trust in websites that provide reviews from veterinarians. That way you’ll be confident that the presents you purchase are safe, healthy choices.


Once you consider what you know about your friends and how they’re apt to spend their time in their new abode, it’s easier to come up with special gift ideas like the ones mentioned here. From ergonomic office furniture to perfect pet products, the ideal present for every new homeowner is out there once you put a bit of care into finding it.